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Active Carbon Filters

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Activated Carbon Filters are used to treat taste, smell and colour, to filter chlorine and chlorine compounds, THM's and all organic substances in water. Filter columns contain quartz as bottom level material and activated carbon mineral as main filter material. Activated carbon threat dirtiness by holding on surface method with it's very large surface area.

Activated carbon mineral is a perfect material for adsorption of organic substances. For this reason AC Filters are phsyco-chemical purification systems.

Modern technology by diminishing the need for human intervention to zero, has manufactured self-cleaning filters (which can carry out reverse washing) which operate with automatic valve system.

Surface piping system consisting of pneumatic or electrical actuator controlled valves are used for industrial type AC filters. The backwash period can be controlled according to flow, timeor differantial pressure between the inlet and outlet of the filter measured by the pressure transmitters. The system is able to return again to service mode automatically after the cleaning process. The control of the system is provided by a PLC and 65.000 colored TFT touch screen is used as the operator control panel.


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